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Welcome to NaturoBell Organic Pvt Ltd, Karnataka based Organic company. We are one of the most esteemed & trusted organization on NATURAL and ORGANIC products. Our motto “ Pro-farmer and Pro-consumer” is supported by highly qualified professionals such as Engineers , Financial , organic experts and Green enthusiasts , bringing farmers and consumers together through our online platform. We promote and encourage farmers to grow foods organically and help them to sell their product to the consumers directly. It is the only way to keep the planet safe. Natural Living is essentially a healthy sustainable living without environmental impact.

Our first step started with our own research to promote chemical free natural products & organically grown products that we wanted to use for our families. Our grandparents were using naturally grown or conventionally grown food items to lead healthy lifestyles without disease states. Now, our lifestyles have changed dramatically that we have started adopting artificial, chemically treated, and growth-hormone processed products which puts our health into the dangerous zone. This is as good as consuming slow poison. Industrialization brought about new businesses. Pesticides and fertilizers, pasteurization of milk etc. were new and considered then a great gift of science. Now, so many years later when we see deadly diseases on the increase, we go back and learn that the good old practices were better and science did give us prosperity by means of business but snatched away our health. The Food and Pharma industries have taken Human Health to another dimension. The humans want a reprieve from that now and so many businesses have been built around all natural products. The fertilizers have ruined the quality of the soil too and it takes a minimum of three years to re-energize the soil. It is our effort to restore the lost power to the foods.

With food alone we can stay healthy or fight an existing disease. With food alone we can remain in good health and it is for food only that we live and work hard. With the vested interest of some companies our farmers have been committing suicide. The seeds that they are forced to buy in connivance with the government cannot reproduce, so each time they have to buy seeds at the rates that the companies determine. Earlier the farmer used to make his own seeds and did not have to be at the mercy of the greedy companies. The result of this was that the farmers were under heavy debts as they could not bring about a balance in the cost of the seeds and the price that was paid for his produce. The result was mass suicides by the farmers. It is our effort to stop that and give a fair price to the farmer as well as give good food items to the consumers . We have given up our corporate jobs to be where the need is. This is a win-win situation for all of us to meet our motto “Pro Farmer and Pro Consumer”
Many people have taken to alternate routes to health and food is one part of it. Ayurveda has diet restrictions for all ailments. And read about the health benefits of food alone in serious maladies like cancer as well. They say when you take a vitamin supplement you get only that vitamin but by consuming one right food item, one will receive 10000 more and those miniscule quantities is what we actually need. Our Indian food is full of health benefits, garlic has its own beneficial properties, as have onions, tomatoes, lime, fruits , honey etc.

Our market survey has proved that, many people are waiting for trusted organic products that are easy to procure. So here we are bringing to your doorstep organic and natural produce to benefit both you and the farmers. We have a complete collection of major items like groceries, Ayurvedic home and personal care products, Crafts, Organic / desi textiles etc.

We assure that our Natural products are conventionally grown and certified under NATUROBELL as “ TRUSTED NATURAL” and Organic, certified either by national or international agencies. NATUROBELL also has some of the unique products that are getting extinct, but is being re-introduced in the market by NATUROBELL where you can relive the experience of your good old grandma’s secret recipes.

Our aim to make our planet GREEN , SAFE and HEALTHY.We at “NATUROBELL” have taken this initiative to bring people who would like to Save Nature, Live Organic, Go Green, and join hands in saving the planet on a common platform.

Naturobell supply Organic vegetables and organic fruits also Naturally grown vegetables and Naturally grown fruits to anywhere in Bangalore. We also do bulk supply of organic vegetables and fruits. .